Covid-19: 7 lives on hold

The emergence of Covid-19 has dramatically affected the lives of many people, especially on the professional front. How did Tunisians who don't have the privilege of remote work cope with this crisis? What is their situation today? inkyfada interviewed seven professionals from different regions of Tunisia: they look back on the last three years and share with us the impact and aftermath of Covid-19 on their lives.
24 June 2022
series Covid-19 : 7 vies en suspens - سبعة صنايع في الوقت الضايع

L'apparition du Covid-19 a chamboulé la vie de nombreuses personnes, notamment d’un point de vue professionnel. 

Comment les Tunisien.nes n’ayant pas le privilège de travailler à distance ont affronté cette crise ? Quelle est leur situation aujourd’hui ?

inkyfada est allée à la rencontre de sept professionnel·les issu·es de différentes régions de la Tunisie : ils et elles reviennent sur les trois dernières années et racontent l’impact ainsi que les séquelles du Covid-19 sur leurs vies.

فيروس يجتاح العالم ويقلب حيوات الكثيرين رأسا على عقب. كيف واجه التونسيون والتونسيات من الذين لم يسعفهم الحظ للعمل عن بعد هذه الأزمة ؟ وأين هم منها اليوم ؟

حاورت إنكفاضة سبعة مهنيين ومهنيات من مختلف مناطق البلاد وأصغت لرواياتهم عن السنوات الثلاث الماضية.


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Corona vs Flowers

Emna Belakhel, interior designer by trade, has been a florist in Manouba for 20 years when she is not on the job.

Corona vs Coffee shops

There are approximately thirty coffee shops in the city of Teboursouk, located in the Governorate of Beja.Kamel Oueslati, a local resident and manager of a coffee shop owned by his family since 1985, describes the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on his work and that of his family.

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